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Sunday at a Glance


Registration opens at 2:00pm on Sunday in the East Tower meeting rooms. After you have registered with the CLC, you can check in to the hotel at the front desk. You will be asked to provide a credit card for incidentals, such as ordering movies or charging drinks to your room. There is also a campaign fair that takes place in the same room as registration. All students are encouraged to take the time to visit the booths at our campaign fair.


To access course schedules and descriptions, please refer to our 2024 Winter School Brochure.

Student Guide

For all the information you need, please see our student guide

Harrison Hot Springs Village

Harrison is a small village with limited amenities. There is a small general store a few blocks from the hotel. It sells snacks, drinks, and a limited selection of medications. There is a grocery/general store, a BC Liquor store, and a drug store in Agassiz, approximately a 10-minute drive from the hotel.

There are several walking trails near the hotel. Check with the front desk for more information, and please be safe!

What to Bring

We recommend dressing comfortably and in layers, as the weather and temperature at the hotel may vary. It is also a good idea to bring rainproof outerwear if you plan on going for walks. In addition, the hotel has hot springs, pools, and hot tubs, so you may want to bring swimwear to take advantage of these amenities.

There is tea and coffee service throughout the week, feel free to bring a reusable mug.

COVID Policy


A F.A.Q. can be found here