Q: What time should I arrive at the hotel for Winter School registration?
A: Registration for Winter School starts at 2 pm in the Cascade Room. You are welcome to arrive early and enjoy the scenery, but please note that the hotel’s check-in process is separate from your registration for Winter School.

Q: Are the Plenary sessions mandatory?
A: Yes, the evening Plenary sessions are an important part of the overall experience and education at Winter School. The Tuesday Plenary session is optional, but we highly recommend attending if you have not seen the presentation from Sgt. Dave. This session can be very informative and covers important information about rights and rules for advocating for working people.

Q: Where are the Plenary sessions held?
A: All Plenary sessions will be held in the East/West Forum rooms, located close to the Copper Piano near the hotel lobby.

Q: Is there a gender-neutral washroom available?
A: Yes, there are gender-neutral washrooms on the second floor near the Lakeside Restaurant. You can take the stairs or elevators in the East Tower to access them. We also recommend using your hotel room when possible to ensure your privacy.

Q: How can I find my class?
A: There is a map in the “student guide” tab @ winterschool.ca , as well as maps posted near the Cascade Room where you registered. Please note that classes start at 9 am.

Q: Is there a dress code for the Thursday dinner?
A: No, there is no dress code for the Thursday dinner. Some participants may choose to “dress up” as a tradition for the evening, but there is no obligation to do so.

Q: Can someone join me for Thursday’s dinner or for the duration of my stay?
A: Yes, additional people can join you throughout the week. The hotel has an additional daily cost for anyone joining you during your stay. Please communicate with the hotel if you plan to have someone join you.